Private Pilot License (PPL) is a course that train the student to become a pilot that can perform leisure flights in Visual Meteorological Conditions (VMC) on single engine aircraft in a responsible and safe manner. The PPL-training is also the basis for continued flight training should the student wish to continue his career in aviation.

With a PPL you can fly privately, transport to work or with people you know while splitting the cost. You may not receive compensation for flights.

The PPL is the foundation for you to develop your competence with other ratings. Such as Night Qualification (NQ), Instrument Rating (IR) or Aerobatics.

We conduct PPL theory distance training with practical training at Kungsair Training Approved Training Organization (ATO) in Norrköping or our Declared Training Organization (DTO) in Örebro. The training to become a PPL-pilot vary in time depending on how much time you invest. The entire training takes between 2 to 12 months.

Prerequisites: All you need to start the practical training is a medical class 2.