Our Courses

Kungsair Training offers module training for commercial airline pilots and private pilots.

We conduct separate modules, theoretical and practical, depending on the students’ needs and goals.

Flight Certificates

Training for different flight certificates. Learn to fly from the start with a Private Pilot License (PPL) in Borlänge (ATO).

Become a commercial pilot with a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) at Kungsair Training Borlänge and Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) distance theory training.

Instrument ratings

Training to get more freedom with your flights or advance towards a commercial pilot license. The training is conducted using distance learning and practical training at Kungsair Training.

Class ratings

Multi engine training is conducted in Borlänge.

Instrument Rating (SE)
Instrument Rating (ME)
En-route Instrument Rating
Instrument Rating conversion

Multi-engine Piston

Additional ratings

Theoretical and practical training for Night Qualification (NQ) is available in both Borlänge and Örebro.

Performance Based Navigation (PBN) and aerobatics flight training is conducted in Borlänge.

Instructor Training

Flight Instructor, Class Rating Instructor and Instrument Rating Instructor.

All theoretical and practical training is conducted in Borlänge. Including Teaching and Learning course and technical training.

Type Rating BE90/200 

Type Rating BE300/1900

Theoretical training is conducted at Kungsair Training in Borlänge or Computer Based Training (CBT). The practical training is conducted in a simulator located in Pori, Finland.

Night qualifications
Performance Based Navigation
Multi Crew Cooperation

Flight Instructor
Class Rating Instructor (SE)
Class Rating Instructor (ME)
Instrument Rating Instructor (SE)
Instrument Rating Instructor (ME)

Advanced UPRT Instructor

Type Rating BE90/200
Type Rating BE300/1900