The Advanced UPRT course goal is to give the student the tools necessary to recover from various upset situations and create an understanding of the physiological effects of such events. The course follows the EASA guidelines for Advanced UPRT. All the necessary elements are performed during two to four flying lessons (3 hours) combined with 5 hours of theoretical training. Instructor emphasis will be to build student resilience with regards to surprise ad startle effects as well as increasing stick and rudder skills in upset situations.

The flight training will consist of at three hours of flight training to allow the student to cover all the necessary maneuvers. 

Practical flight exercises:

  • Introduction flight
  • Stalls
  • Abnormal attitudes
  • Spins

The theoretical training of the course consists of 5 hours of Advanced UPRT knowledge instruction. The student needs to complete an aircraft technical test before course completion.

Theoretical knowledge:

  • Aerodynamics and notable incidents/accidents in large aircraft

  • Aerodynamics in the training aircraft

  • Physio- and psychological effects during an upset

  • Coping strategies

  • Procedures for upset recovery

There is no skill test after course completion, the student will receive a course completion certificate and a logbook entry issued by the ATO Head of Training, proving the privileges gained by the training course.

Due to the nature of the flights, potential weather constraints is a determining factor of the course length.

Training duration: estimated to 2-3 days

Prerequisites for A-UPRT instructor training:

  • Hold a valid license

  • Medical

  • Hold a valid SEP(land)-rating

Advanced Upset Prevention
Recovery Training