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Professional Flight Training
Kungsair Training

We might be small. But our instructors have deep connections to Swedish professional aviation. Providing quality flight training since 1987.

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Type Ratings?


We provide type ratings for:

 Beechcraft BE90/200 MP & SP

Beechcraft BE300/1900 MP & SP

Bridge Course SP to MP & MP to SP

Difference Training BE300 to BE1900C

Base Training

Personalized training

"I was a bit scared that it was a small school... but with a lot of different courses. 

"Now after I finished my courses, I'm pretty much the opposite...


"...having a couple educations from before, and my background in the Air Force, it's great to have a school with a wide range of courses, and that was very flexible to put them together in a way that suited me. 

"The facilities and airspace around Borlänge are perfect for training. Because you can focus on what you actually want on [a] flight without being interrupted."


- Nils Schylström, Fighter Pilot, Swedish Air Force, ME IR & IRI student





For CRI, IRI & FI revalidation.




Location: -


"Experienced the [A-UPRT] course as an incredibly fun end to a long road towards completing the flight training. Professional and pleasant instructors. Strongly recommended."

- Christer Johansen, A-UPRT student

"I appreciated the short term notice, the competitive price on the course and the skill of the flight instructor."

- Sebastian Hiiri, A-UPRT student

Get Advanced Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (A-UPRT)

If you want to get a type rating, the A-UPRT course is mandatory.

You'll learn how it feels to get startled in flight... how to prevent undesired aircraft states... and how to recover from aircraft upsets.

If we have good weather, you can do this course in 1-2 days.

What makes this course special is that you have a choice.

If you want an unforgettable experience, you can do the course in a fully aerobatic Slingsby Firefly.

If you're on a tighter budget, you can do the flight training in a Diamond DA-20.

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