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About Kungsair Training AB

Elving Persson started Kungsair Training in Norrköping (ESSP) in 1987. He offered commercial pilot training. In 2013, Mikael Boström became owner and Head of Training. In 2021, he moved Kungsair Training to Borlänge (ESSD).  

Today, Kungsair Training offers commercial pilot, instructor training, and a wide range of custom training options. Our goal is to work with you as an individual and make the training fit you. We offer courses in both English and Swedish.

We’d love to hear from you. Tell us about your aviation goals, and we just may be able to get you there.

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Our Staff

Mikael Boström - Head of Training

What’s your previous aviation experience?

I started flying in 1987 in Florida and got my PPL for fun. In 1989, I went back to Florida and did commercial flight training. Then, I converted to a Swedish license at Kungsair Training in 2001.

At first, I flew skydivers and did some ferry flights to get experience. I then did FI training at TFHS. In 2006, I got a job flying the Twin Otter in Africa and Saudi Arabia for Zimex. After that, I worked for West Air flying cargo in an ATP and CRJ200. Then, I flew the CRJ900 at CityJet, operating for SAS.

What do you enjoy about being Head of Training?

The possibility to help a student from the beginning, and to give that student the tools to develop in their own chosen direction.

What’s the most important quality in a Head of Training?
To be interested in change, to see where students are, and to get them where  they want to be.

Patric Andersson - Accountable Manager

Anders Norgren - Safety Manager

What’s your professional background?
I flew helicopters in the Swedish Armed Forces from 1989 till retirement in 2021.
Over the last ten years of my military service, I was Head Flight Safety Officer for the Armed Forces Helicopter Wing. The position included promoting the safety culture, handling reports, managing risk analysis, and performing investigations while also educating co-workers in all the above.

What do you enjoy about being Safety Manager?
I believe that a good safety culture keeps people alive and machines whole. I enjoy being able to promote the importance of a good safety culture, including being an informed culture, a reporting culture, a learning culture, a just culture, and a flexible culture; it’s important work. Working to reduce risks in the business and thereby save money and save lives is both fun and challenging.

What’s the most important quality in a Safety Manager?
A safety manager needs to have good pedagogical ability in order to get coworkers involved in the important work of creating a good safety culture.

Johan Karlström - Compliance Monitoring Manager, CTKI

What’s your professional background?
Instructor for 15 years; aerial survey; regional airline flying; and ambulance flying.

What do you enjoy about being Compliance Monitoring Manager?
I enjoy being part of a small team which strives to develop the school further.

What’s the most important quality in a Compliance Monitoring Manager?
Being methodical and keeping up with changing aviation legislation.

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