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Our Courses

Personalized & professional flight training

Type Ratings

Beechcraft BE90/200 King Air Type Rating

Get your BE90/200 King Air type rating.

Beechcraft BE300/1900 King Air Type Rating

Get your BE300/1900 King Air type rating.

Flight Training

Advanced Upset Prevention & Recovery Training (A-UPRT)

Do your A-UPRT course to prepare for your first type rating. Available in both a DA-20 and an aerobatic Slingsby Firefly.


Instrument Ratings

Competence-Based Instrument Rating, Single Engine (CB IR SE)

Get your single-engine CB-IR.

Additional Ratings

Aerobatics Rating

Get your aerobatic rating in the Slingsby Firefly. Become comfortable flying in ANY attitude!

Instructor Training

Class Rating Instructor, Single Engine


Become a single engine CRI.

Advanced Upset Prevention and Recovery Training Instructor (A-UPRT-I)

Become an A-UPRT Instructor.

Flight Instructor (FI)

Become the flight instructor you wish you had.

Instrument Rating Instructor, Single Engine (IRI SE)

Become an instrument rating instructor in single-engine aircraft.

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