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Our Courses

Personalized & professional flight training

Flight Training That Fits You

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Modular CPL ME IR course. If you have your ATPL theory and PPL, this course is your path to a commercial pilot rating.

MCC + UPRT [ MCC no longer available ]

These two “finishing courses” make you ready for your first type rating. Get them as a bundle and save. Spots available on short notice.


Modular 0 to ATPL

Get from 0 hours to ATPL, all delivered in a modular format to fit your flight training needs.

Prepare for your first type rating

Advanced Upset Prevention & Recovery Training (A-UPRT)

Do your A-UPRT course to prepare for your first type rating. Available in both a DA-20 and an aerobatic Slingsby Firefly.

737 MCC

Multi-Crew Cooperation Course (MCC) [ Currently unavailable ]

Learn how to operate multi-crew aircraft. Prepares you for your first type rating.

Custom Flight Training

Create your own training course

Want specific flight training that isn’t listed here? We’re experts in making that happen. Reach out to get the ball rolling.


Flight Certificates


Commercial Pilot's License (CPL)

Earn your Commercial Pilot’s License. We’ll customize your training to fit your needs! Single-engine, multi-engine, and instrument ratings available. Modular CPL ME IR available.

Private Pilot’s License (PPL)

Earn your wings. Fly for fun. Or start your journey toward a Commercial Pilot’s License (CPL).


Instrument Ratings

Competence-Based Instrument Rating, Single Engine (CB IR SE)

Get your single-engine CB-IR.

Competence-Based Instrument Rating, Multi-Engine (CB IR ME)

Get your multi-engine CB-IR.

Class Ratings

Multi-Engine Piston Class Rating

Get your multi-engine piston class rating and open up your flying possibilities.

Single-Engine Piston Class Rating


Get your single-engine piston class rating to fly a wide-range of GA aircraft.

Instructor Training

Flight Instructor (FI)

Become the flight instructor you wish you had.

Class Rating Instructor, Single Engine


Become a single engine CRI.

Instrument Rating Instructor, Single Engine (IRI SE)

Become an instrument rating instructor in single-engine aircraft.

Class Rating Instructor, Multi-Engine


Become a multi-engine CRI.

Instrument Rating Instructor, Multi-Engine (IRI ME)

Become an instrument rating instructor in multi-engine aircraft.

Advanced Upset Prevention and Recovery Training Instructor (A-UPRT-I)

Become an A-UPRT Instructor.

Multi-Crew Cooperation Instructor Course (MCC-I)

Become an MCC instructor and teach others how to operate in a multi-crew environment.

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Type Ratings

Beechcraft BE90/200 King Air Type Rating

Get your BE90/200 King Air type rating.

Beechcraft BE300/1900 King Air Type Rating

Get your BE300/1900 King Air type rating.

Additional Training

Night Qualification

Become qualified to fly at night. 

Performance Based Navigation (PBN)

Get the PBN endorsement.

Aerobatics Rating

Get your aerobatic rating in the Slingsby Firefly. Become comfortable flying in ANY attitude!

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