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"I'd flown 10,000 hours in jets, but I hadn't flown turboprop. [ During the type rating training], Mikael was able to give me quick tips that made it easy for me to control the aircraft during engine failures. He used to fly CRJs, so he knew where I was coming from.

- Pedram Fani, King Air pilot 

Get your Hawker Beechcraft King Air BE300/1900 or BE90/200 type rating. You'll get the knowledge and skills to demonstrate good decision making, Crew Resource Management (CRM), proper use of checklists and optimum situational awareness throughout all phases of flight.

The pilot will be able to serve in a multi-crew environment as a pilot-in-command, single-pilot or co-pilot, meeting all conditions set by EASA Part FCL.

The course includes 50 hours of theory training. It covers the aeroplane, performance, and mass & balance. The theory is conducted either with the use of Computer Based Training (CBT) or at Kungsair Training.

Theory training duration: 1 week

The practical training consists of 12 hours of single pilot (SP) flying and an additional 2 hours as pilot monitoring (PM) for multi-pilot (MP) training. The BE300 simulator training is conducted in a King Air simulator in Pori, Finland. The BE90/200 simulator training takes place in Oslo, Norway.

Practical training duration: 6 days simulator in Pori or Oslo, 1 day skill test

Base Training for the initial type rating includes 6 landings, of which 1 is a full stop landing, and 1 go around.

Base Training duration: 1 day

Please contact us for information regarding Base Training.



- Hold a valid CPL(A) or ATPL(A) with theoretical knowledge credit for ATPL(A), issued by an EU/EASA member state
- 200 hours of flight time, with at least 70 hours as PIC
- Hold a valid ME/IR(A) rating

- Completed an MCC(A) course or hold the MP rating, or have held an MPA type rating with a CPL(A) or ATPL(A) license

- Advanced UPRT course completed

King Air Type Rating BE90/200
Type Rating BE300/1900
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