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Modular CPL / ME / CB-IR

Get your modular CPL ME IR including MCC and AUPRT

Thanks for coming by and checking us out.

We aren't the biggest, loudest, or newest flight school. But we've been training pilots since 1987. And our instructors have deep aviation experience, including at the airlines.


"Mikael taught me another level of professionalism and finesse. And Thomas was calm and brought experience from many different types of aircraft."

- Pär Erixon


Join our aviation family and become a commercial pilot in 8 simple steps.

This modular course includes the CPL, ME CB-IR, MCC, and A-UPRT in one convenient package. You'll be ready to  apply for flying jobs as soon as you finish.

In this course, you'll fly with experienced instructors. You'll learn how to deal with all kinds of weather. And you'll become the kind of pilot who can handle more than the minimum. The training isn't a walk in the park.

As former Kungsair ME IR student and Air Force pilot Nils Schylström says, "Sometimes the easiest way isn't the best way." 

An optional affordable housing package is available. Housing is a convenient 15 minute walk to the flight school. 


Course details

Location: Borlänge, Sweden (ESSD).

MCC simulator training in Ljungbyhed or Jönköping.

Start dates: Flexible. Contact us to reserve your spot.

Time required: 3 months during the summer. 
During the winter, that can extend to 4 months due to weather.
No extra charges due to weather delays.​

Accommodation: Available during entire training.



  • Personal interview including English assessment

  • Medical Class 1

  • ATPL-Theory

  • Night Rating

  • ELP 4 or higher

  • 100 hours PIC time

  • 159 hours total time

  • 50 hours cross-country time

  • 300 nm cross-country flight with landings at three different airports

Cost: 379 000 SEK / ~€37,900

*The course fee also includes your skill test fee, your MCC course, and your A-UPRT course. It is all-inclusive. 

With optional housing package: 407 000 SEK / ~€40,700 

Cost of course with ONLY CPL ME IR: 299 000 SEK / ~€29,900

(Does not include MCC, A-UPRT, or the CPL skill test fee)

Payment schedule: Course payments are divided into thirds. 
The first payment is due prior to reserving your spot. 
The second payment is due before you start your CB-IR

The third payment is due before your skill tests.

Aircraft flown: 

  • Diamond DA-20

  • Piper PA-23 Aztec

  • FNPT-2 training based on a Beechcraft Duchess

  • MCC conducted in a 737-800 simulator

Modular course description

1. MEP (Multi-engine piston) class rating [ 6 hours ]

You'll fly 6 hours in the Piper Aztec and get your multi-engine class rating.

This aircraft currently has a Garmin 430 and steam gauges.


It has prop, mixture, and throttle controls for both engines.

You'll have an advantage over students who learn in simpler, single-lever designs like the Diamond DA-42.

In the beginning, flying the Aztec is more challenging. And it will make you a more complete pilot in the long-run. 


2. CPL basic instrument module [ 10 hours ]

Time to get your instrument training rolling. 

You'll learn basic attitude instrument flying. 

5 hours will be in the Diamond DA-20. And 5 hours will be in the FNPT-2 simulator. 

3. CPL training phase 1 [ 15 hours ]

Now your flight training is really picking up steam!

You'll spend 10 hours in the single-engine DA-20 learning to flying with commercial-level precision. 

You'll fly another 5 VFR CPL hours in the multi-engine Piper Aztec. 


4. CPL training phase 2 [ 15 hours ]

It's time to round out your CPL training. 

You'll fly 15 CPL hours in the DA-20.

And you'll be hungry to get to the next step.

Which is the most challenging part of the course.


5. ME CB-IR (EASA Competence-Based Intrument Rating) [ 35 hours ]

This is where the rubber meets the road. 

Except there is no road. 

It's you, the sky, and your ability to get back to the runway even when you're flying through clouds.

You'll prepare for the real thing with 20 hours of intense simulator sessions in the FNPT-2. 

Then, you'll climb into the Aztec with your instructor and do it all for real.

You'll get 15 hours of multi-engine instrument flight time.

And those hours might teach you more than you've ever learned about flying so far. 

6. Skill tests

You've done the hard work.


Now it's time to show the Examiner what you're made of. 

In the morning, you'll take your ME CPL skill test. 

After a short lunch, you'll go back up for round two, and do your multi-engine instrument skill test. 

Passing these tests takes intense focus and preparation.

And we'll make sure you're ready. 


7. MCC (Multi-Crew Cooperation course) [ 25 hours theory, 20 hours simulator ]

You'll need an MCC course before you get your first type rating. 

This course will teach you how to operate in a multi-crew environment. 

You'll be training in an immersive 737-800 simulator. 

You'll be learning how to comunicate and solve problems as a flight crew. 

And you'll get the confidence of knowing you've got the right stuff to get the job done.

8. A-UPRT (Advanced Upset Prevention and Recovery Training)

This is the final step in your modular training. 

You'll do 4 hours of distance-learning theory training, followed by an hour of instructor-led theory. 

Then, you'll fly 3 hours divided into two sessions. 

This course takes only a day if the weather cooperates. 

What makes it special? 

You can choose to do it in a fully aerobatic Slingsby Firefly or Diamond DA-20.

You'll experience 'startle'.


You'll learn how to avoid undesired aircraft states.


And you'll learn how to recover from undesired aircraft states. 

This course meets the requirements of EASA FCL.745.A


Those are the 8 simple steps to becoming a commercial pilot through modular training.

And when you reach your goal, you'll have another reason to stand up proudly, with your shoulders back. 

You'll be a commercial pilot. Ready to apply for the airlines. 

When you complete your training with us...

You'll be able to fly modern, EFIS-equipped aircraft...

You'll be able to handle "classic" aircraft that still have throttle, prop, and mixture controls...

And you'll have the confidence to walk into your airline assessment and quite possibly land your first all-important flying job.

Contact us to get started.

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