Multi Crew Cooperation - MCC

The Multi Crew Cooperation course goal is to teach the student to become proficient in multi-crew cooperation (MCC) in order to operate multi-pilot aero planes under IFR safely.

The flight training in the MCC(A) course shall comprise at least 20 hours of synthetic flight training in a MCC training device.

The theoretical training in the MCC(A) course shall comprise at least 25 hours of theoretical knowledge instruction and exercises.

Upon completion of the Theoretical Knowledge Instruction phase, Students shall pass a progress test (PT).

Time scale & Locations

Kungsair’s MCC(A) course is normally scheduled as a 10 days course with four training days (Theory & flight) per week. In any case, the course must be completed within 6 months from the course start date.

The theory training is conducted in Borlänge for 3 days. The remaining days will be consisting of flight training at the simulator location.

Prerequisites for MCC:

  • Applicants for a MCC(A) course must hold or have held an Instrument Rating or have passed the Instrument Rating Skill Test.

About the simulators:

FNPT II 737-800NG, located in Jönköping.

FNPT II 737-800NG, located in Ljungbyhed.

Multi Crew Cooperation
737 simulator