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Become a commercial pilot without any prior flight experience

Go from zero flight hours to your frozen ATPL.


This modular flight training course teaches you everything you need to know to become a commercial pilot. Even if you've never flown before.


After completion, you’ll just need to add an MCC course, and then you'll be ready for airline interviews.

What you’ll get:


  • Private Pilot Certificate

  • Single-Engine Piston Class Rating

  • ATPL Theory

  • Commercial Pilot Certificate 

  • Multi-Engine Piston Class Rating

  • Multi-engine Instrument Rating

  • Advanced Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (A-UPRT)


Your pilot dream does not have to stay on hold. You can take to the skies as a commercial pilot. Learn more about the course below.


From 22-24 months depending on weather and your training schedule. We adjust this to fit you!

Since this is a modular program, you can do most of the PPL Theory and ATPL Theory at home.

How to apply


Contact us to set up a date for your personal interview



  • English language proficiency of ELP 4 or higher

  • Personal interview conducted online or in-person

  • Class 1 Medical Certificate



Borlänge, Sweden (ESSD).


Accommodations available on-site within a 15 minute walk of the flight school at the local flying club.



750,000 SEK / 75,000 Euros

Since CSN is not available, you're responsible for self-financing the program.


Payments are done in thirds. (The first at the start of the program, the last two at checkpoints during the program.)

Learn more about the course below

Phase 1

PPL Theory [2 months]

You’ll learn everything you need to know to pass your Private Pilot Theory exams. You can study this portion from home.

PPL Theory Exams [1 month]

This is when you’ll take your PPL theory exams through PEXO. You’ll need to be in Sweden for these. When you finish, you’ll be ready to start the practical portion of your flight training.

PPL Flight Training [2 months]

You’ll learn how to handle an airplane at the Private Pilot Level. This phase will be done in Sweden. At the end of this phase, you’ll have your very own private pilot certificate.

Phase 2

ATPL Theory [12 months]

You’ll learn the ins and outs of what all commercial pilots in Europe need to know. This theory phase can feel intense… but the rewards can be more than worth the effort! This course is done via distance learning.

ATPL Theory Exams and time building [3 months]

You’ll come onsite and take the ATPL Theory exams in PEXO to show the aviation authorities what you know. After you pass your exams, you’ll be ready for your commercial and instrument flight training. Time building can be done here in Sweden with our Diamond DA-20 or BE77 Skipper.

Phase 3

This entire phase is done onsite here in Sweden.

CPL / ME / IR [3 months]

The finish line will be getting closer. During this phase, you’ll get your commercial pilot certificate and a multi-engine instrument rating. You’ll be able to fly multi-engine piston aircraft in instrument meteorological conditions.

Advanced Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (A-UPRT) [1 week]

This A-UPRT course will teach you how to recognize undesired aircraft states and prevent aircraft upsets. You’ll also learn how to recover from aircraft upsets.

Note: In order to get your first type rating, you'll also need an MCC course. Since we don't offer this training in-house, we're happy to recommend providers both locally and in Europe. 

Contact us to schedule your personal interview

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Zero to ATPL
Airline Pilot Course



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