Price list

Prices are displayed in Swedish Crowns (SEK) or in Euros, including VAT, and are subject to change without notice.



Test flight, try out controlling an airplane with an instructor 2 000 SEK / ~€ 200

Aerobatics flight, accompany an aerobatics instructor that will explain the program and then take you on a flight with aerobatic maneuvers 2 700 SEK / ~€ 270

Timebuilding Single-Engine 1 700 SEK / ~€170 per hour (block)

Refresh training Multi Engine/Instrument Rating 6 950 SEK / ~€695 per hour (block)

PC Proficiency Check

  • ME/IR Multi Engine/Instrument Rating 12 500 SEK / ~€1 250*

English language test up to level six 1 500 SEK / ~€150

Different options for accommodation are available, call for information. 

Rates apply at flight time corresponding to the minimum training requirements for each module. If you require additional flight, a cost of the hourly rate corresponding to the training will be added to the total price.